Resume of Russel L. Boice

BIRTHPLACE: Syracuse, N.Y.
Cell Phone: 720 253 4740
Email: [email protected]

I seek a position which will best allow me to apply my instructional, engineering, and technical skills productively. My career has consisted largely of maintaining, designing and engineering electronic equipment, instrumentation and computer systems for professors and researchers with the goal of promoting their success. I also have significant teaching experience. Details follow:

9/86 - 5/97 Colorado State University-Pueblo
Earned Master of Science Degree in Systems Engineering (1997)
1/80 - 8/86 Colorado State University-Pueblo
Earned Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology (1986)
Overall GPA 3.583
9/83 - 12/83 Colorado State University
8/75 - 5/76 Arizona State University
1/75 - 5/75 Syracuse University
8/71 - 5/74 Onondaga Community College (Syracuse NY)
Earned Associate of Applied Science Degree in Electrical Technology (1974)

1/2015 - 6/2016 Kansas State University
Accepted as PHD student in Industrial/Manufacturing Systems Engineering and employed in the Enterprise
Server Computing (EST) department supporting mission critical Unix and Linux systems. Unix support includes
Solaris with zones and VFS. Linux support includes RHEL, Centos and Ubuntu distributions. Other configuration
and support duties include Cisco switch, F5 load balancer, legacy and appliance DNS systems and firewalls.

7/1/2001 – 12/2014 University of Colorado Denver
Campus Box 170 1250 14th Street Denver CO 80202, Computer systems administrator and lab coordinator for the Math Department. I maintained Beowulf computer clusters, servers, workstations and computer equipment using Linux and other operating systems. I maintained application software and provided technical and instructional support for math and physics departments as needed.

1/20/2004 - 5/14/2004 Metropolitan State University of Denver
890 Auraria Parkway, Suite 310 Denver, CO 80204 Employed as an adjunct instructor taught EET 3330
(Digital Circuits II) and EET 1300 (Computer Nuts and Bolts). Responsibilities included writing and administering
tests, presenting lectures, supervision of students in Lab., and recording students’ grades. This was in addition to
my full time duties at the University of Colorado Denver.

1/22/1985 - 6/30/2001 Colorado State University-Pueblo
2200 Bonforte Blvd. Pueblo, CO. 81001, Employed as an Electronic Specialist III. I Designed, constructed
and maintained electronic equipment, develop software and administered UNIX and Windows NT based
computer network servers used in research. Equipment maintained includes a 300 MHz NMR, FTIR, GC
MS, AA and Optical Spectrometers, an eye-tracking system, Scanning and Transmission Electron
Microscopes. I designed hardware and software for a system similar to an industrial process control
computer to control experiments using Skinner boxes. I have written software for use in computer-aided
instruction. I have served as Chief Operator of the University's 10 kW FM Broadcast Radio station.
Computer languages I have used for project development include Assembly, FORTRAN, Pascal, Java,
Visual Basic, SPSS and C++.
I have taught the following classes for Colorado State University-Pueblo:
CHEM 529 Advanced Instrumentation Fall 1997
EN 477/577 Operations Planning and Control Spring 1999
CIS 150 Introduction to Computer Information Systems Fall 1999
CIS 101 Computers and You Spring 2000
Served as investigator and technical assistant in support of a NIH grant "Enhancement of Internet and
Intranet Technology"

5/31/2000 – 10/2/2000 PACE Technical School
For US-West Colorado Springs, CO. I taught a basic electronics class for employees of US-West under
contract with PACE, a company which has since merged with Sylvan Learning Systems.
( My supervisor was Robert P. Preece, based in Pasadena, CA. I taught about 12
adult students, meeting two nights a week from 6PM to 8PM. I used well developed curriculum materials
with a lot of hands on emphasis to teach electronic fundamentals. This was in addition to my duties at
Colorado State University-Pueblo

7/9/1984 - 1/18/1985 Sperry Corp. (now UNISYS)
Pueblo Airport Industrial Complex Pueblo, Co., Employed as test engineer. I used logic analyzers,
oscilloscopes and a DEC VAX 730 in design and trouble-shooting military grade computers (mil. spec.
1750A instruction set and 1553 communications) and a prototype computer monitor and control system.
The computer under development is used in a military aircraft flight control system.

4/6/84 - 6/30/85 Association of American Railroads
Transportation Test Center Pueblo, Co. 81001 Employed with a part-time agreement. Responsibilities
included maintenance of DEC VAX, PDP-11, and Varian V70 series mainframe computers, and
peripherals used in processing analog data and producing printed and plotted output.

9/25/83 - 7/6/84 Colorado State University-Pueblo
2200 N. Bonforte Blvd. Pueblo, Co. 81001, Employed with a part-time agreement. I repaired, maintained,
designed and installed electrical and electronic equipment for Psychology and Mass-Communications
departments. Equipment included commercial quality television cameras and switching equipment, a
commercial broadcast FM stereo radio transmitter and studio, a DEC PDP8/m computer with peripherals
for psychological testing, and several Apple computers.

8/30/82 - 5/20/83 Pueblo Community College
900 W. Orman Ave. Pueblo, Co. 81004, Employed as an electronics instructor. Classes taught include:
DC AC Circuits, Digital electronics, Microprocessors, Op. Amps., Active Filters, I.C. Timers, Phase Lock
Loops, Industrial Electronics, Basic Programming, Microcomputers, and Physical Science.
Responsibilities included writing and administering tests, presenting lectures, supervision of students in
Lab., and recording students’ grades.

8/1/77 - 6/12/82 CF&I Steel Corp.
P.O. Box 316 Pueblo, Co. 81002, Employed as an electronic repairman to repair and maintain industrial
electronic equipment. This equipment includes: electronic motor drives and controls; many types of
electronic process control computers including GE, Reliance, Allen Bradley and others; radio remote
control equipment; television cameras and monitors; public address systems; and material analyzing
equipment using X-ray and spectrographic techniques.
For verication see:

7/17/76 - 7/28/77 Kentron Hawaii, Ltd.
Transportation Test Center Pueblo, Co. 81001, Responsibilities included operation and maintenance of
various minicomputers and peripheral equipment. Computer operation included processing analog data
tapes to produce reports containing computer generated graphic plots. Completed a six week Varian V70
series hardware course by Varian in Irvine CA.

4/1/74 - 4/25/75 Burroughs Corp.
6712 Brooklyn Parkway Syracuse N.Y. 13211, Employed as a field engineer, servicing L-series
accounting and intelligent data communication computers and associated equipment, including a variety
of magnetic tape, punched card, and high-speed printer peripheral equipment. Duties included setting up
this equipment for installation and field service of this equipment in business offices throughout central
New York State.

5/7/73 - 9/9/73 GTE Sylvania, Inc.
Data Processing Center 5700 West Genesee St. Camillus, N.Y. 13031, Employed on night shift.
Transferred data from magnetic tape to appropriate printed format

Gardner, R. & Boice, R. “A computer program to generate signal detection theory values for sensitivity
and response bias” Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers, 1986, 18(1), 54-56.
Boice, R. & Gardner, R. “A computer program to generate parametric and nonparametric signal-detection
parameters” Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society, 1988, 26(4), 365-367
Boice, R. & Gardner, R. “A Computer program for measuring body size distortion and body dissatisfaction",
Behavior Research Methods, Instrumentation & Computers, 2004, 36(1) 89-95
Johns, Craig J. & Boice, R. “Experimental Design For Body Image Testing” Proceedings of the Symposium
on the Interface, Security and Infrastructure Protection, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2003, (35) 535

Hold a renewable Vocational Credential issued by the Colorado State Board for community colleges and
occupational education. This is a state certification that I am qualified as a college level instructor.

I consider myself an electronics, ham radio and physics hobbyist. I have built and own a variety of
electronic service equipment including a dual trace oscilloscope, signal generators and meters. I’ve
owned several types of personal computers: VIC20, Apple II+, ZX81, TRS-80 Model I, and an IBM
compatible with custom voice I/O unit, and universal ROM/EPROM reader and programmer.

I have organized, and served as president of a local PC users group.

I have designed and built custom telemetry to sound conversion hardware to allow a blind person to
operate a commercial radio station under contract to the state of Colorado Dept. of Social Services,
Division of Rehabilitation.

I have developed and commercially marketed voice synthesis software for microcomputers.

I have written a custom program for keeping track of street maintenance under contract for the City of
Pueblo, Engineering Division and have given classes for the city in computer operation.

I have served as Consulting Engineer and Chief Operator for local broadcast radio stations.

I have an interest in general aviation and have flown solo as a student pilot.